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Name Code(s)
Block Modifier Codes 7
Lakitu Modifier Codes 4
Yoshi's Egg Modifier Codes 5
Mini-Castle Codes 8
Miscellaneous Codes 93

Name Code Hacker(s)
Switch F/X On To Activate Infinite P-Switch Time 7E14ADFF Aether Knight
Lives Modifier 7E0DB40?
Mario Status Modifier 1 7E00190? macrox
Timer Always 999 Seconds 7E0F3009
Extra Item Window Modifier 2 7E0DC10? macrox
Timer Goes Real Fast 7E0F3099 macrox
Number of Stars Modifier (Player 1) 3 7E0F48?? macrox
Number of Stars Star Modifier (Player 2) 7E0F49?? Aether Knight
Always Go To Bonus Level 4 7E1F1F00 macrox
Infinite P-Balloon Time 7E1891FF Aether Knight
Collect 1 Yoshi Coin For 1-UP 7E142005 Aether Knight
Switch F/X On To Levitate 5 7E007DF0 Aether Knight
Mario/Luigi Only Face Left 7E007600 Aether Knight
Mario/Luigi Only Face Right 7E007601 Aether Knight
Mario/Luigi Are Invisible 7E00787F Aether Knight
Hyper Mario+Luigi 7E149600 Hacc
Hyper Yoshi 7E157800 Hacc
Glide Walk 6 7E149602 macrox
Always Be At Level 1 Yoshi's Island 7E13D501 macrox
Infinite Coins 7E0DBF63 Koronix
Can't Jump 7E0DAA80 Koronix
Infinite Jumps 7 7E147101 Hacc
Enemies Multiplier 8 7E193800
Start 1 Player Game As Luigi 7E0DB301 Aether Knight
FAKE Infinite Time 7E0F2509
Yoshi Coin Modifier 7E1422?? Koronix
Score Modifier (Player 1) 7E0F34??
Score Modifier (Player 2) 7E0F39?? Aether Knight
Duck When Jumping 7E007304 Koronix
Mario Animation Modifier 7E13E0?? Koronix
Jump Animation Modifier 7E0072?? Koronix
Can't Get On Yoshi 7E00CA00 Koronix
Always Have Yoshi 7E0DC101 Koronix
Mega Jump/Float 9 7E0DAA00 Hyperhacker
Keep Gaining Star Points After Level (Turn Off To Stop) 7E190002 Hyperhacker
Invincible (Star Effect) 7E1490FF Aether Knight
Invincibility (Uneffected) 10 7E1497FF Hyperhacker
Jump And You'll Automatically Fly (No Need To Run Anymore, Assuming You Have A Cape!) 11 7E13E470 MegamanX
Enable Special Stages Extra Features 12 7E1F9283 MegamanX
Thick Air Cheat 13 7E147105 jeffsback2223
Lukita's Cloud Never Disappears From Under You (You Must Have One To Begin With) 7E18E0FF jeffsback2223
Some Enemies Don't Exist 7E14DCFF jeffsback2223
Some Enemies Don't Exist (Alternate Code) 7E14DDFF jeffsback2223
Baby Yoshi Never Stops Eating 7E157705 jeffsback2223
It Takes 1 Eating To Grow A Small Yoshi Up 7E157704 jeffsback2223
Put Something In Your Yoshi's Mouth And Your Coin Count Will Skyrocket! (Will Never Let Go Of What's In The Mouth Though) 7E18AC01 jeffsback2223
In The Boss Room, Controls Vertical Angle of The Fireball 1 (In Wendy's Castle) 7E00AF?? jeffsback2223
In The Boss Room, Controls Vertical Angle of The Fireball 2 (In Wendy's Castle) 7E00B1?? jeffsback2223
Random Box Codes 14 7FCAF601
Infinite Coins From Multiple Coin Boxes 7E186BFF Aether Knight
Always On Yoshi In Yoshi's House 15 7E00C501 Kizul
Always On Yoshi In Yoshi's Island 1 7E00C801 Kizul
Always On Yoshi In Yoshi's Island 2/Yellow Switch Palace Part 1 7E00CA01 Kizul
Always On Yoshi In Yoshi's Island 3 7E00C601 Kizul
Always On Yoshi In Yoshi's Island 4 7E00C701 Kizul
Always On Yoshi In Yellow Switch Palace Part 2 7E00CB01 Kizul
Seizuring Yoshi! 7E18AD01 jeffsback2223
Screen Push Modifier 16 7E007B?? jeffsback2223
Halfway Point Crossed 17 7E13CE02 Koronix & jeffsback2223
Most Enemies Drop 7E00B055
Can't Die On Collision 18 7E007100 jeffsback2223
Any Yoshi Always Has Wings And Flies Without A Shell 19 7E141E02 JLukas
In-Level Music Modifier 7E0DDA?? Lazy Bastard
Spare Item Type 20 7E0DBC?? Ugetab
Exit Level, Second Exit 21 7E143401 Ugetab
Exit Level, Normal Exit 7E149301 Ugetab
Green Blocks Modifier 22 7E1F2701 Ugetab
Yellow Blocks Modifier 7E1F2801 Ugetab
Blue Blocks Modifier 7E1F2901 Ugetab
Red Blocks Modifier 7E1F2A01 Ugetab
Disable Mosaic Effect 23 7E0DB000 Ugetab

# Note
1 0 - Small
1 - Big
2 - Caped
3 - Fire
4 - Suntanned and little
5 - Green and little
6 - Black and little
7 - Blue and little
2 00 - Empty
01 - Mushroon
02 - Fire
03 - Star
04 - Feather
05 - Blue mushroom but drops extra lives
06 - Grows vines
07 - Firework confetti
08 - Bars?
3 Must toggle off to acquire more at goal post.
4 Reset game when done.
5 Switch f/x off after you complete one of the seven castle levels or else the Mario carrying the egg from the castle sequence might not play out right. You may have to switch f/x off at other points in the game to prevent freezing.
6 Turn off code to proceed to next level.
7 You will be able to walk and run in the air. Also, you cannot be crushed in certain closed areas. Turn off, to get on Yoshi. Then, turn back on to enable Yoshi with infinite jumps. Disable before going into the water.
8 Certain objects will also be duplicated. There will be a slow down in gameplay at times.
9 Hold B to jump way up. Keep it held to float around as if you had the balloon thingie! This is a sweet code!
10 This code makes Mario a ghost as if he'd just been hit. He won't flash but he can go through enemies.
11 Also, while flying, press and hold the jump button to make Mario or Luigi grab his cape.

This code works on the stand alone Super Mario World game and on the Super Mario Collection game
12 You usually get this after completing the last of the Special stages. Features included:

-Koopas will have "Mario head" shells,
-Piranha Plants will become pumpkin plants
-overworld map will have a different color

Turn the code ON before going on the overworld map for the first time after starting the game.
13 This code is like a gravity cheat except you can run and jump in mid air while slowly descending. Once you jump, you stop at the height of the jump and you slowly begin to descend again.
14 These codes place random ? boxes all over the place. The more the merrier. The ? items can be keys, power ups, glitches, or others. Changing the quantitiy may help.
15 For these Yoshi codes, disable ALL of the above codes before you enter Iggy's fortress, otherwise there will be a massive glitch in his battle just after you go through the big red doors, and you won't be able to beat him.
16 01 - Slow Forward
55 - Fast Forward
99 - Fast Backwards
FF - Slow Backwards
17 Start a round and if you don't complete the round for some reason (death or exiting by Start+Select) you will start back at the halfway mark.
18 You can get a great view of the round after you fall down a pit.
19 There's an added bonus with these codes, you don't need to hold a shell to fly.
20 On Map, digits include 0-3 are normal, 4 is a star.
21 Only use on Red Levels, or levels you KNOW have a second exit!
22 Activating this code removes that color switch from it's switch palace and make it so you can only pass it if you use the Level Ender.

00 - Toggled Off
01 - Toggled On
23 A permanant mosaic sometimes happens when using the 'Exit Level' codes. Enable this code, then Enter and Exit Yoshi's House or the 'Top Secret Area', or go through a pipe on the overworld, or use a star road, and this will remove the mosaic effect. Disable this code before entering a Switch Palace (which you must beat normally), or a level you intend to play

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