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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Have Wooden Sword 7E743A01 ?
Have White Sword 7E743A02 ?
Have The Master Sword 7E743A03 ?
Have 1st Shield 7E743B00 Ugetab
Have 2nd Shield 7E743B01 Ugetab
Have Boomerang 7E742101 ?
Have Magic Boomerang 7E742102 ?
Infinite Bombs 7E742216 ?
Have Wooden Arrows 7E742301 ?
Have Silver Arrows 7E742302 ?
Have Blue Candle 7E742401 ?
Have Red Candle 7E742402 ?
Have Flute 7E742501 ?
Have Meat 7E742601 ?
Have Blue Medicine 7E742701 ?
Have Red Medicine 7E742702 ?
Have Magic Wand 7E742801 ?
Have Raft 7E742901 ?
Have Magic Book 7E742A01 ?
Have Blue Ring 7E742B01 ?
Have The Red Ring 7E742B02 ?
Have Step-Ladder 7E742C01 ?
Have The Power Bracelet 7E742E01 ?
Have Letter 7E742F01 ?
Infinite/Have 9999 Ruppees 1 7E74360F
Have All Pieces Of Triforce 7E7439FF ?
Have Bow 7E743C01 ?
Be Invincible / Walk Thru Enemies 7E065234 ?
Infinite Health 7E6DDCFF ?
Infinite Health (Alternate) CC25BAAF DarkSerge
Buying Stuff Won't Cost You Any Rupees CC410EAF DarkSerge
Arrows Don't Cost Any Rupees CC3363AF DarkSerge
Infinite Bombs 7E7422FF ?
Always Have 9 Keys 7E743809 ?
Have Maximum Life Containers 7E6DDD80 Ugetab
Always 0 Minutes Played 7FFFF900 Ugetab
Always 0 Hours Played 7FFFFF00 Ugetab
Have All Dungeon Compasses/Maps 7E7430FF

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1 Thanks to Ugetab for the first line.

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